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In-growing toe nails can be so painful! They can look different depending on what stage they are at e.g. red, swollen, discharging or may appear 'normal' but just be extremely tender on pressure. Make sure you keep the area clean with warm salt water and avoid applying pressure to the toe or traumatising it further.

Most in-growing toe nails can be dealt with during your initial appointment – the offending piece of nail can be removed fairly quickly and you can be back to your normal routine again immediately. If you are unlucky enough to have a complicated in-growing toe nail or a recurring in-growing toe nail then you may be advised to have nail surgery.

Nail surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic and allows us to remove larger areas of nail (or even the whole nail) and to apply a chemical to prevent that part of the nail re-growing. Ideally this should be carried out in a podiatry clinic as we have better access to the necessary equipment. If you feel that this is what you may need then give us a call and we can discuss this with you.

in growing toe nails

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