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Biomechanics is what we use to look at why you may be getting a particular foot problem from the view of how your foot works. It could be examining the cause of a persistent corn, a runner with heel pain or a sudden onset of pain in a toe. By considering the joints, bones, muscles and nerves, we can see how the foot works and why this may be causing you a problem. Treatment often involves the prescription of orthotics in conjunction with other modalities such as exercises, strapping, hot/cold therapy, Marigold Therapy.

Orthotics are functional insoles that are prescribed for a specific problem. They can be 'off-the-shelf''; simple cut paddings on an insole base; adjustable; or casted.

It is usually better to have a biomechanical assessment within a podiatry clinic rather than at home as we have better access to equipment. However, if you feel that you would prefer to have an assessment at home, we can arrange it for you. If you think you need a biomechanical assessment, please let us know when you book the appointment so that we can discuss this in more detail with you.

biomechanics and orthotics

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